“The liberation of animal life can only be achieved through the radical transformation of human consciousness and the overthrow of the existing power structure.”

-Transpecies Unlimited now Animal Rights Mobilization)

If you’ve visited my “HOWDY” introduction before you will now see that it has changed. I originally stated that I started this blog, “as a journal for myself to document my new discoveries being a vegan. By discoveries, I mean new recipes and foods I’m trying out and the research I’m doing on important nutritional information that’s helping me live a healthier lifestyle by knowing what nutrients my body needs to function as efficiently as possible.” While these topics remain very important and integral in my life as well as in the purpose of this web journal, my mission has somewhat morphed into educational activism. I’m not trying to convert people into some “cult” by encouraging veganism; but rather seeking to educate and encourage vegansim using the extensive research and reading I’ve done and continue to do. While I still “want to discuss the horrific discoveries I’ve made about profit-driven factory farming practices and how detrimental they are to our bodies, our environment, our communities and the very animals that are forced to endure such cruelty,” I’m taking things further than just discussion. I want to get your attention because animal exploitation/slavery is worse than ever. We need an entirely new way to relate to the earth and animals and your compassion must start with what you put on your plate. Animals have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, all of which contradict the property status of which is often literally burnt into their flesh.

I believe it’s important for us all to have a cause. “Unless we take the time to educate others about veganism and why we are vegan, the elegant and powerful message of veganism will remain misunderstood, and our goal of abolishing animal exploitation will be deferred.”

-Bob and Jenna Torres

“Knowledge is power. Arm yourself.” – Propagandhi



*this web journal does not encourage or incite any illegal or criminal activities and is provided for informational purposes only.


One response to “howdy!

  1. M

    Well, well, well….seems we have a budding jounalist in our midst.
    Love the introduction to your journey to veganism. I guess you were listening more than I thought. Although I’m not sure I ever explained it so well as you.
    Your Vegan Yacht group sounds like a great fit for you and you obviously enjoyed them.
    Send us some cookies! Put ’em in a zip lock bag, surround them with tons of newspaper and put it all in a box…..the bigger the better.

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